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Multiply your leads with instant messaging apps!

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The use of text messages, phone calls, and e-mail is declining in favor of instant messaging applications. Although they are primarily intended for private use, instant messaging apps have established themselves in the professional world.

Indeed, many companies have started to take an interest in instant messaging to improve their customer service and multiply their turnover. Instant messaging solutions are diverse and varied. However, not all of them are appreciated by your audience. In this article, ChayAll walks you through the main advantages of an instant messaging chat app. We also explain how to take advantage of these advantages to improve your marketing strategy and thus increase your sales.

Instant messaging and chat application to improve your customer service

instant messaging app
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How to sell faster with an instant messaging and chat application?

Phone calls, texts, and emails always have their place in customer service. But it is instant messaging that collects all the favors of customers. Indeed, with the enthusiasm that smartphones are experiencing today, more and more customers today prefer to communicate with businesses through Tap & Chat solutions.

For example, when we are hungry and want to find a nice place to have our lunch. Our first instinct is to type the query “Restaurants nearby” on Google. Thanks to a simple instant messaging badge integrated into your website. Your customers can get in touch with you. They can ask you for information on the meals of the day or the location of the available tables.

Shop online, estate agency, college, or car workshop ... Whatever your activity is, you can multiply your income using the services of instant messaging. Thus, this solution also offers you the possibility of establishing a personalized relationship with your customers.

Instant messaging apps: the statistics that speak for themselves!

To put an end to all your questions. Here are some impressive statistics that will eventually convince you to install instant messaging tools on your website: 

  • First, 53% of customers have a penchant for businesses that can be reached through instant messaging appsto purchase products or services.
  • Similarly, 70% of consumers prefer to contact brands through messaging rather than phone calls. And this, whatever it's field of activity.
  • Next, nearly a third of messages sent by customers to businesses through Facebook Messenger are firm orders.
  • Finally, 63% of customers say they are more inclined to return to a website that offers instant messaging services.

So these statistics are of major importance for your internet lead generation marketing strategy. It is also a great solution to boost your website traffic online and improve your SEO on Google.

Which instant messaging and chat application should I use?

Instant messaging chat application: which software to choose to improve your services? (skype, viber, signal, telegram or whatsapp)

The use of instant messaging apps represents a real factor in customer relationship performance. Instant messaging is indeed essential for smooth customer service and converts contacts into sales qualifying leads.

The stake is, therefore, not only relational, it is also commercial. But how do you choose the most suitable software for your professional activity?

Facebook Messenger for extraordinary business potential

Messenger to improve your conversations with your contacts on mobile

Whether with friends, family, and more and more with companies. The messengers are emerging as the mode of communication with the fastest development. Do you want to educate your customers and generate more transactions? Facebook Messenger is your ideal partner for creating a successful experience and developing the right marketing strategy.

A responsiveness badge for discussions with your customers

Among the many features of this instant messaging app and chat, there are automated messages. Thanks to this solution, the app offers you the possibility to pre-record answers to questions that you are often asked. You can also predefine a welcome or absent message. Thus, thanks to the “very responsive” badge on your Facebook page, your customers can more easily trust you.

Send promotional messages in discussions

Then, this software also allows you to use click ads on Messenger to reach your audience at scale. And continue to interact with your prospects individually on an instant chat or with a bot for Messenger. Thus, this tool offers you the opportunity to generate leads. But not only: answering their questions also increases your transactions.

Take advantage of WhatsApp Business API's impressive user base

If you had to choose just one instant messenger, it would definitely be WhatsApp. With nearly 2 billion users, this messaging application is number one in 130 countries. Therefore, your target is probably already using WhatsApp to communicate with their loved ones. Hence the interest to be interested in it since it is a familiar solution for your potential customers. Indeed, the simple display of the green badge on your online website will send a positive signal to Internet users.

An instant messaging full of very advantageous features

Thanks to this revolutionary app, you have access to several useful features for your message exchanges. Here are the ones that caught our attention:

  • Just like MessengerWhatsApp lets you send automatic welcome messages when a customer starts a chat.
  • Create a Business Profile and enjoy its benefits. It now allows you to enter information about your company such as your hours, the address of your agency, your website, etc.
  • Then you can also take advantage of what are called '' Quick replies ''. These are the answers to questions that you are often asked and which are pre-recorded.
  • Last but not least. Statistics that allow you to have visibility on messages sent, delivered, received or read.

Boost your sales and retain your existing customers

With the WhatsApp Business API, you benefit from a very intuitive and personalized interface with your business data. The advantages of this instant messaging system are not limited only to the good management of your customer relationship. You can also use it for your marketing campaigns and thus increase your customer base.

Also, being on your clients' contact list is invaluable. More and more companies are offering their services to their customers through messaging applications. This operation allows marketing experts to transform their advertising into direct engagement with the customer.

To ensure the protection of your data, ChayAll guarantees you a GDPR-compliant configuration for your communication with your customers. Indeed, all our servers are hosted in France. Your data is thus anonymized after one month and deleted after three months.

The advantages of the Apple Business Chat app

instant messaging chat application: apple business chat for services under ios and not windows and android

Make it easier to get in touch with your website or online store

Installing Apple's online chat on its website means offering tailor-made customer service to users of iOS devices. It is an excellent commercial catalyst. Among the many advantages it offers you, we find: 

  • First, a dramatic reduction in the cost of your customer service. Indeed, thanks to this revolutionary application, your agents can manage several customer requests simultaneously. 
  • Then this app for instant messaging allows you to have a Service 24/7 customer. And this, thanks to automation (chatbot in particular). This will allow you to make sales outside of office hours.
  • Also, with a simple button integrated on the right corner of your website. The users only have to click to join.
  • Finally, 59% of consumers say they intend to use instant messaging more to purchase products. The chat line Apple is applying all found to boost the sales of your products and services.

The advantages of Apple instant messaging

  • First, the fact of offering personalized customer service for Apple users.
  • Then, the opportunity to take advantage of the record audience of iMessage, with 1.3 billion users.
  • Also, the possibility of selling your products directly on Business Chat thanks to Apple Pay.
  • Not to mention the possibility of integrating Business Chat with Shopify.
  • Finally, the possibility of exclusively targeting Apple customers. According to several studies, users of Apple devices consume, on average, twice as much as others. We talk about it in more detail in our article dedicated to the contribution of Business Chat to your customer relationship.

ChayAll: group all instant messaging applications

An application adapted to each of your targets

As you can see, messaging is a business solution that will help you maximize your online sales quickly, whatever your field of activity. Each target has its preferred messaging solution, but some applications remain essential:

  • First, WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service among customers. Indeed, this application, which now has two billion users, has been seated on the messaging podium since its creation.
  • Then, Facebook Messenger, which remains the most used messaging solution in France. Messenger, they are more than 1.2 billion customers.
  • Finally, iMessage (1.2 billion users) to reach the target of Apple Addicts.

Opt for our all-in-one tool to sell faster from your website

In addition to these indestructible applications, we advise you to explore other solutions that will allow you to diversify your marketing channels. This could, for example, be Business Messages from Google. Thanks to this messaging system, which integrates with Google My Business and Google Maps, you will be able to collect customers from the Google search engine. It is also an excellent choice to promote good local SEO. The latter will allow you to set up conversational customer service without the hassle. Thanks to our plugin, you will be able to integrate messaging most used to your website or online store in a few clicks:

  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Facebook Messengerinstant messaging published by the king of social networks;
  • Apple Business Chat (to chat with your customers on iMessage);
  • Google Business Messages 
  • Telegram (for total respect of your confidentiality,
  • A Live Chat tool
  • An Instagram, Twitter and Facebook comments management solution.

You can therefore integrate the desired messaging system on the page of your choice. It can be a sales page, an FAQ page, or the home page. Are you hesitating? We offer you an offer to try the platform for free!

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