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New WhatsApp update: choose the quality of your video before sending it

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With it's new update, WhatsApp is focusing on developing new features for the enjoyment of its users. It will now be possible to choose the quality of the video before sending it.

A new beta of the WhatsApp application

Sending videos is going to improve significantly on WhatsApp. Indeed, the application is currently testing a new feature on the beta of the Android application.

WABetaInfo has discovered clues about a new feature in the WhatsApp beta on Android. Indeed, named "Video Quality", this new update on WhatsApp will allow users to choose the quality of their videos before sending them.

Choose the quality of your video before sending it:

The WhatsApp update provides "three qualities" of video to choose from:

  • Auto: The app will automatically detect the best compression algorithm for your video.
  • Best Quality: WhatsApp will send the best quality video possible before sending.
  • Data Saver: The app will compress the quality of the video in order to reduce the power consumption of the Android as well as mobile data.

Thus, we could let WhatsApp manage the compression automatically, a bit like the application did until now. Regarding the second option, you can choose to ask for the compression to be as low as possible.

Finally, the third option is to compress the video file further, making it smaller in order to reduce energy consumption. Of course, if this update comes to fruition, this option will only make sense if your mobile data is enabled. According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp would only really compress if you have it enabled beforehand on Android.

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