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Discover our Prestashop chat plugin

Develop your Prestashop online store and interact with your customers from your site through different chat applications. Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages ... Activate and deactivate messaging as you wish thanks to the Prestashop ChayAll chat feature!

Boost your sales! Open multiple chat channels and increase your conversion rate

Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion users per month. The WhastApp application has more than 2 billion. These are all potential customers for your online store who just want to chat with their favorite brands! So open your e-commerce site to new opportunities. Easily integrate, thanks to the installation of our Prestashop ChayAll chat module, several chat applications combined in one solution.

- WhatsApp Business
- Facebook Messenger
- Google's Business Messages
- Apple Business Chat
- Live Chat
- Instagram (reply easily to every Instagram comment) 

First and foremost, let your customers contact you through their favorite chat app. Request information, question about an item spotted on your online store or even follow up on an order ... instant messaging is, in fact, the ideal asynchronous channel to improve your customer relationship. And, why not, gain new ones thanks to your availability and responsiveness.

What your customers will like about this Prestashop chat module

- First, choose their favorite Instant Messaging channel to contact you. WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat ... Our Prestashop chat module gives them all! Let them pick their favorite service!
- Continue the discussion even when they are no longer on your online store from their smartphone.
- Receive and send photos, videos, links to product pages and files, regardless of which chat application they have started the conversation. This will enrich your web conversations with customers and help you sell your products better online.
- 24/7 responsiveness since our Prestashop ChayAll chat module will allow you to create automated messages for your store. A welcome message, a waiting message as well as an absence message when you are not available.
- Pay directly in the chat conversation. Payment systems directly live directly in the discussions are, in fact, available in our Prestashop chat module. This will undoubtedly delight your customers!

What you'll love about this extension for your online store

- Your customers' messages sent from all chat applications are centralized on a single platform. You can then respond to them, process them, then archive them from your smartphone, computer or tablet.
- Activate and deactivate the instant messaging services offered on your site according to your needs.
- Also send promotional messages to customers who have already contacted you via Messenger. Are you lowering the prices on some of your items? Let your most loyal customer know about this promotion via chat!
- Suggest multiple choice questions to your contacts: you will be able to quickly identify their problems by chat.
- Evaluate your performance and analyze customer satisfaction using our tracking tools.

A few figures that might just convince you :)

Downloading a Prestashop chat module is the best way to meet your customers' expectations and upgrade customer experience of your online shop. Offering Messenger or WhastApp on your website to help visitors "live" at the time of a purchasing decision can, in fact, really boost your sales! Here are some figures that will undoubtedly convince you of the benefits of setting up this simple plugin.

- 40% of Internet users have already used instant messaging to make an online purchase  (Facebook study, 2019).
- 53% of e-commerce customers say they are more likely to make purchases from online stores if equipped with a messaging chat system (Facebook study, 2020).
- Sales pages that include an instant chat window convert up to four times more than others (Shoppop, 2020).

How to set up the Prestashop chat module?

1. First, go to your Prestashop dashboard.
2. Next, go to the page offering modules.
3. Then, click on "Add a new module".
4. Select the archive you downloaded from your account.
5. Click on "Download this module".
6. In the list of modules, find "ChayAll"
7. Finally, click on "Configure" to define your preferences for this Addon.

Please note: our Prestashop chat module is compatible with all Prestashop motored stores.
Set up the Prestashop ChayAll chat module
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