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Discover our WordPress online chat plugin

Do you want to offer your customers a new way to get in touch with your business? Goodbye mail! Install the WordPress online chat plugin designed by ChayAll on your page or website! Give visitors the opportunity to start a discussion with their favorite brand. WhatsApp, Live Chat, Messenger, Google's Business Messages, iMessage ... the customer chooses their preferred medium!

The most famous messengers combined in a WordPress online chat plugin

Adapt your website's features to your customers' preferences

Above all, ChayAll allows you to satisfy all of your customers, whatever their preferred contact channels. By installing a single WordPress online chat plugin in this way, you benefit from all the most famous instant messengers on your site.

- WhatsApp Business
- Facebook Messenger
- Google's Business Messages
- Apple Business Chat
- Live Chat

The customer thus chooses the instant messaging that he prefers to start a live or deferred discussion with you. Question about a product sold on one of your pages, need assistance or even simply advice ... Visitors to your website will now be able to reach you without any problem thanks to our extension!

Manage all conversations from a single dashboard

ChayAll's purpose is to simplify your daily life! Thanks to our extension, respond to all conversation requests received from your ChayAll platform using our tool.
The message source is displayed in our WordPress chat platform. It's then down to you to respond to their assistance requests and address their inquiries. Do it from your computer, smartphone, tablet ... or favorite device thanks to our WordPress online chat plugin!
What are the benefits of a chat plugin ?

Reply in asynchronous mode to your customers

What do you gain by using instant messaging as a communication channel? Respond to users when you have time! Indeed, there is no need to be permanently connected to your dashboard to respond as quickly as possible. Discussions take place asynchronously for more convenience.

Build a chatbot easily using our extension

Our WordPress online chat also allows you to create your own chatbot! Give your customers several choices when they come into contact with you through your web page. Automate responses to frequently asked questions. Also, leave an absence message, a welcome message or a personalized patience message, whether by livechat or instant messaging. The integration of this possibility is intuitive and available whatever the offer you choose.

Boost your sales using our extensions. COming soon! Zapier API hub...

Among the many features of our ChayAll extension, find all the tools you need to boost your sales! Follow live which service is most useful to your customers. Collect the data of your visitors to refine your marketing strategy. Also keep an eye on your performances live or over a predefined period. Number of users who have started a conversation, average response time of your business ... Take advantage of our tools to improve your customer relationship.

A free version of our WordPress online chat plugin for smaller accounts

Find the right offer for you based on the size of your business.
Your discussions with your customers rarely exceed 300 messages per month? Enter the era of messaging by choosing our free version! Our WordPress ChayAll online chat plugin offers, in fact, an integration of all messaging as well as a live chat. But also a customization of the widget, a chatbot, performance monitoring, possibility of customization ... The ChayAll platform features list of is quite long!

On the contrary, are you one of those companies looking for a tailor-made service? We also have a premium offer! Personal access for each of your agents and tracking of their performance. Agent by agent, combine the collected data and improve the your business' productivity.

Install our WordPress ChayAll online chat plugin easily

It couldn't be easier than installing plugins on a website! No need to enter the code on your page or know the development in great detail. Indeed, the integration of our plugin is very simple, even on a pre-existing support or WordPress theme. Follow the list of steps in our video.

But since no word is worth an action,how about trying your WordPress online chat plugin by yourself ?
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The most popular messaging channels brought together in a WordPress online chat plugin
Respond asynchronously to your customers
Build a chatbot easily out of our extension
A free version of our WordPress online chat plugin for small accounts
Set up our WordPress ChayAll online chat plugin easily