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How to maximize your sales on Black Friday?

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The busiest days for shopping in the US are coming! Is your online store prepared? Have you thought of your plan of action for the holidays?

If you are just thinking about it, don't worry! We are here to help you! Black Friday (taking place on the 26 of November) is the busiest date of the year for e-commerce and sales! And, since 2020 online shopping recorded $9 billion in sales, you must be prepared because many users take advantage of the huge discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Tips to prepare your online store for Black Friday:

Black friday sales

1. Build anticipation:

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the whole holiday campaign season is designed to generate a spike in sales by using powerful psychological triggers such as urgency and scarcity. Build suspense and anticipation prior to the event. You can do this by creating a teaser of your product, an offer, and a unique hashtag to track your pre-sale campaign. Use content that sparks curiosity but doesn’t give everything away, just yet. If you effectively build anticipation before Black Friday hits, your audience will be ready and willing to buy your product as soon as the bell rings.

You can build anticipation also by starting a countdown. A great way to implement a countdown is by implementing a countdown timer onto your online store's home page; that way, every visitor will be confronted with your limited-time sale and gain a sense of urgency to participate. 

2. Make your offer exclusive:

People like to feel as if they are a part of something special and unique. Plus, nothing persuades buying behavior more than a bit of genuine scarcity. This Black Friday, consider limiting your stock and make sure everyone knows about it.

3. Give referral-based discounts:

One way to secure more market share and increase your Black Friday sales is to incentivize referral-based discounts with paying customers. Do this by creating a multi-level referral system whereby customers are given various discounts based on the number of people they refer to your business. This approach has a gamification aspect to it that can go viral on social media if you execute effectively.

black friday sales

4. Spread the Word & Promote with Social Media:

Advertise your upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on a multitude of social platforms well in advance. Not only will it get your customers excited, but it will result in a free advertisement! Plan to offer a killer sale? Tweet about it! Your customers are bound to retweet your news with countless others!

Cater to your customer’s lifestyle by advertising via their preferred channel. Who needs commercials when you can advertise on the biggest social media platform in the world, Facebook? And you can use the giant's tools to promote your products and services! Did you know you can advertise easily on Instagram Shops?

5.  Ensure a Smooth Shopping Experience; Check Your Site!

This should be a no-brainer, but make sure your site is working optimally in all areas. Navigate your site, go through the checkout process, make sure all of the appropriate products have stock, etc.

Nothing will make your sales fall as flat as a non-functioning, unresponsive site. If shoppers are unable to navigate or checkout with ease, they won’t be afraid to take their business elsewhere – especially on the most competitive shopping day of the year, when consumers are inundated with limited-time, soon-to-expire flashy deals. Check and then double-check that come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, visitors will experience nothing but smooth sailing.

Make sure to also check your communication channels with your customers, since they are going to have lots of questions to ask you that day! Do you have a Live Chat solution on your website? You are just in time to install the best!

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