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Save Time and Money: Set Up a Chatbot Messenger!

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Integrating Facebook Messenger into your customer service is good. Entrusting the repetitive part of the customer relationship to a free Messenger chatbot is better! But how do you create a virtual conversational agent (bot) when you have no coding skills?

At ChayAll, we work daily to imagine solutions to optimize customer service. And the free chatbot Messenger is one of them. This bot will allow you to save resources (time and budget), offer you 24/7 customer service by message, and boost your commercial performance. Here is how to get ahead of your competition!

The major advantages of a free chatbot Messenger:

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What is a chatbot Messenger?

Etymologically, the word "chatbot" is composed of two terms. "Chat" (messaging in real-time) and "bot" (computer program performing automated tasks). However, the term "chatbot" is sometimes translated by the expression "virtual conversational agent". It is a robot capable of conducting an instantaneous discussion. Therefore, there is no need for your intervention. In their basic form, bots allow your prospects to:

  • Solve a problem on your website or in relation to their purchase path.
  • Order products, in complete autonomy.
  • Go to the service best suited to their request.

Contrary to what one might think, the concept of this bot is not new. It was born in the 1960s. In particular with the MIT program Elize, which imitates a psychotherapist for diagnostic purposes. But the Facebook Messenger chatbot is probably the first professional messaging system to democratize the practice. In sum, this bot represents:

  • A computer program that integrates with your Facebook Messenger page.
  • A robot that responds autonomously to recurring requests from users of your website.
  • A tool that can feed itself with data to improve itself as it is used (Artificial Intelligence or AI).

What you can do with a free Chatbot Messenger

Instant messaging has initiated a "quiet" revolution in the world of customer service. As a real satisfaction generator, messaging is a lever to improve customer relations and boost sales performance. 65% of consumers say they are more willing to buy from companies that can be reached via messaging. Beyond the advantages of instant messaging, Facebook's bot stands out for its strong assets:

  • The automation conversations results in an immediate decrease in costs.
  • The chatbot has virtually zero response time. As a result, your Facebook page will display the very flattering badge "Very responsive to messages", which is a lead generator. This computer program is therefore fast and infallible. As long as it is properly configured.
  • Have an active service 24/7. In theory, you don't lose any business opportunities. Integrate Facebook Pay to your Facebook Messenger page. This will allow them to complete the purchase process independently.
  • Cultivate the image of a responsive, modern and efficient company.
  • By automating the most repetitive tasks, you can focus on strategic tasks. Or, at least, the ones that add a higher value.

Also, note that Facebook's conversational bot is a wealth of information. Its bots will allow you to know better your customers to better serve them. Finally, the Facebook Messenger bot is never stressed, even if it is overwhelmed by requests!

Convinced? Here is how to create your Facebook Messenger Chatbot without any headache. And above all, without any technical knowledge!

Which partner should you choose to set up your conversational agent?

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Choosing a platform development partner plays an essential role in building a good experience on your messaging robot.

Whether you want to raise awareness or generate more leads, ChayAll helps you implement the right marketing strategy on messaging channels. We provide you with an intelligent chatbot and a web interface where you can easily manage your campaigns.

With our all-in-one chatbot tool, you can connect users, content, and conversation at the right time. This way you can enjoy a quick interaction on the preferred messaging applications of your website's users.

Enhance the customer experience with a Messenger bot

Are you looking for a solution to improve your marketing strategy and enhance the customer experience? Launched in 2016, bots are a great way to facilitate communication with every user on your website. Indeed, these conversational bots provide your customers with answers tailored to their needs.

Whether it's information about your service, the prices offered by your company, or the opening hours, these bots are revolutionary. They provide an answer to each of your customers' questions.

It is also a very good way to collect information by soliciting the help of each user of your site. This robot can indeed invite your customers to leave a review or to participate in a survey. It allows you to have a better understanding of your customers' needs and to improve your services at the same time.

Just like a personalized email sequence, chatbots allow you to optimize your sales process and automate your follow-up.

Regularly test your conversational agent

Bots have quickly become an issue for brands. In the creation of a simplified cross-channel customer experience, messaging and bots are becoming a must.

In the end, the success of a chatbot is that you can no longer distinguish it from a human, as its answers are so relevant and its tone is so close to a human. It is therefore essential to test your bot regularly. Make sure the conversations are consistent and fluid. You can simply open your website using the "private browsing" function of your browser. Click on the Facebook Messenger button that appears. Ask your chatbot. Evaluate its relevance and make any necessary corrections. Get ready to enter the age of the virtual conversational agent with ChayAll!

Improve your marketing strategy by sending direct messages

This bot also allows you to acquire new customers by sending a private message to your subscribers. It is the same concept as email marketing with higher open rates.

However, you must ask for permission and commit to not sending promotional content to benefit from this feature. Therefore, users must give their consent beforehand.

This strategy allows you to increase your potential customers' loyalty, increase your audience and boost your marketing campaigns. Offer an optimal service to your customers by allowing them to contact you at any time.

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Create a free French chatbot Messenger with ChayAll

ChayAll offers you an all-in-one tool that takes care of all your conversational needs. In addition to the most used instant messengers, ChayAll allows you to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot without having to code thanks to a WordPress plugin and a Prestashop plugin. You will be able to send an automated message with ease:

  • First of all, a welcome message, the first message sent automatically to your customers when they start talking to you;
  • Then, a message of patience: message sent automatically to your customers in response to their request;
  • Or finally, an absence message: message sent automatically to your customers when you are unavailable. The triggering of this message depends on the configuration of your "availability hours" on ChayAll;
  • Conversational scenarios are also proposed. These are pre-recorded responses sent automatically by the Facebook Messenger bot. They are triggered by the detection of a word or a sequence of words in the user's request. Here is an example of a query and automatic response:
    • The user asks the following question, What are the delivery times?
    • The answer is triggered by the sequence of words "delivery times". The Facebook Messenger chatbot answers: "Delivery times in metropolitan France (including Corsica) vary from 24 to 48 hours. Count on 3 to 5 days for the overseas territories".

In a few words, the use of a chatbot can be beneficial for your company. With this tool, you can offer immediate responses and 24-hour service to every user on your site. ChayAll takes care of the entire technical implementation of your bot.

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