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Establish a school's marketing strategy to recruit more students

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With the technological advance that we are experiencing today, more and more colleges have understood the importance of digitization. To face increased competition and establish itself in the education sector, it is essential to have an effective school marketing strategy in place to attract more students.

The student, the parent, the partners, the whole ecosystem that revolves around the education superior has gradually transformed in recent years. Indeed, the digital shift is causing a radical transformation in a school's marketing strategy. This is an essential change to put in place in order to best promote your higher school. In this article, ChayAll will help you see things more clearly. We will also explain how to improve your communication strategy with instant messaging.

Improve your visibility thanks to a well-targeted marketing strategy

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For the majority of colleges, one of the main problems is the lack of visibility. Being visible on the web when researching future students is very essential. And to get there schools must work on their online presence. They must also differentiate themselves from their competitors while establishing an effective marketing strategy.

However, the current sanitary conditions make exchanges with candidates more and more difficult. To allow students to share their questions or questions with you. You have the option of integrating certain platforms such as social networks or instant messaging.

Take advantage of social networks to improve your school's marketing strategy

When we think of the potential of social networks in the educational environment, many advantages come to mind. Besides the development of a school's marketing strategySocial networks have a positive impact on the motivation of students. It is a more efficient, dynamic, and interactive method of communication. They give you the opportunity to publish and share relevant content with your students.

These platforms also play an essential role in the decision-making of candidates. Almost 83% of students use social networks to help them choose between different institutions. These communication channels are essential as one of the most important sources of information for future students.

Improve the image of your company

Whether you run a recognized higher school or not, the question of your establishment's image and its notoriety is essential. For a school of great renown, it is necessary to be exemplary and to maintain its notoriety. When it comes to a school on the path of development that has very little notoriety, it is necessary to make itself known and to catch up. To do this, all you have to do is integrate the digital world and put forward your arguments on a platform that students are already familiar with.

Join platforms that students use daily

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In order to stand out from other institutions, ChayAll joins platforms that your students are already familiar with. Thanks to instant messaging, you give your future students the opportunity to ask you all the questions they want. And this, through their favorite messaging apps. How? By integrating WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage icons on your website. In this way, candidates benefit from your sound advice and at the same time, you boost registrations.

Stay in touch with students following virtual JPOs

Following your virtual open house, are students still hesitant to join your school? It is very likely that some of them still have unanswered questions. By integrating instant messaging on your website, you can easily remedy this kind of problem. You can thus improve your school's marketing strategy by allowing your clients to reach you at any time.

Boost enrollment with instant messaging features

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Our services are not limited only to allowing you to establish communication by messages. In order to refine your school's marketing strategy, ChayAll offers you a variety of features:

  • The ability to configure automatic responses. Do you often face the same questions? Thanks to the message automation feature (available on our platform), you can pre-record your responses.
  • Registration for presentation webinars. Your candidates can determine the hours that suit them. They can attend a virtual presentation of the school or of a training course at any time!
  • Connect your students with new candidates. Who better ambassadors than your own students ? They can refer new candidates by sharing information and enriched content with them.
  • Share videos, links and images with your future students. You can illustrate your speech with audiovisual content. And it's much more meaningful than just words.

Transform your school's marketing strategy

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What are the benefits of instant messaging for your school?

Smartphones and their associated applications represent an increasing part of the daily life of people. Especially in terms of enrollment in higher schools. What could be better than integrating instant messaging to meet new customer expectations? This operation allows you to improve your school's marketing strategyAnd at the same time boost registrations.

With the ChayAll solution, you can also activate and deactivate messaging according to your school's needs. Our solution has been designed so that its implementation is as fluid and intuitive as possible.

Respond to all messages from a single platform

One of the greatest strengths of ChayAll is to combine all instant messaging on a single platform. You just have to choose which ones you want to activate or not. Thus, all the messages sent by your clients or your candidates will be gathered on this platform. Your advisers will be able to process the requests directly. From this single interface, with ease.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages, Live Chat, or Instagram. It doesn't matter which instant conversation tools your customers choose to send you messages. These will also be received on the same platform.

In short: thanks to the ChayAll solution, you can take charge of the management of every message, comment, and conversation with your students, and multiply the inscriptions.

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