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Set up a multichannel chat service for your business!

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With ChayAll's multichannel platform you can join all your messages in one place! Say goodbye to those dull days where you have to go from platform to platform, and join all your customers in one easy platform!

Get ready to set up up the ChayAll multichannel chat service. Enjoy all of the benefits, increase your customer success rates and increase your lead acquisition!

Step one: set up the multichannel chat service

You can set up WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM's, Telegram, Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messages in our platform! You don't have to use them all, but we advise you to do ti, because that way you increase the probability of customers approaching your inbox.

For each channel, click on “Configure the messaging service” and then on the channel you need to add to the ChayAll platform. Some of them can be activated instantly, others will require contacts with service providers,  and it will take a few days before set up is complete. Take WhatsApp Business, for example, you’ll need to fill in a form and then complete a few more steps. The same applies to Apple Business Chat and Google’s Business Messages.

Let’s start with a simple one, Facebook Messenger. To set up this channel, all you need is to connect to your company’s Facebook page, then it’s very easy to set it up thanks to ChayAll’s wizard.

Regarding Apple Business Chat, you’ll need to fill in a form and send us a request so that we can work with you and Apple  to set up and activate the channel.

Then just activate the other services the same way:

  • What’sApp Business and Google’s Business Messages, just like Apple, require specific information in order to create and activate any professional messaging account,
  • Other links with ChayAll are just a click away, like Facebook or Instagram. And you’ll have set up your “live chat” channel, a very efficient way to offer assistance to your users, since it includes more sophisticated features, including a chatbot.

The live chat feature is fully customizable: add your company’s name, a catchphrase or motto that will appear right below it, and customize the widget’s color, plus integrate your logo. Easy and a real plus! You can easily activate and deactivate both the live chat feature and any messaging service when you want.

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Step two: integrate the chat widget on your website

To start, select an integration method. If you choose “Web”, you’ll have to copy a piece of JavaScript code and embed it into your website’s code. Just copy/paste it onto the pages you need your widget to appear.

If you use a CMS like WordPress, you can select it from the drop-down list, which will prompt the download of our plugin directly from the ChayAll platform. Fast and easy!

Same process if you use other CMS systems, like Prestashop or Shopify. Download the zip, then install the plugin, just like you would with any other plugin.

Third and final step: tailor customer experience thanks to widget customization.

First, choose your time zone and personalize opening hours. A simple toggle allows you to work 24/7 if you need to be able to reply anytime! If your business doesn’t operate around the clock, just select matching opening days and hours. You can change these settings anytime.

Another great feature are the pre-recorded messages, which you can write yourself. First, add a tailored welcome message to welcome customers when they contact you. Then add a waiting message and an absence message so that you still reply promptly when you get contacts outside of business hours.

Finally, customize your widget’s button. You can modify the call to action anytime! Another useful customization option, you can move the ChayAll widget anytime, left and right but also up and down!

Same with the button’s color, and you can add your logo! You’re all set, your widget is now ready to run! Now, let’s check the chat console. Conversations are split into 4 categories:

  • Running.
  • Waiting.
  • Late
  • Closed.

Select one status and the corresponding conversations are displayed as a list. Click to check one specific conversation, and then click here to take charge of a conversation. Now you can reply and engage in a chat conversation with a customer! Many options are available, including rich formats, for instance, you can send locations, images, or even any document you decide to attach by uploading it from your computer.

You can display customer details on the right handside of your screen, including phone number, device used, language, and conversation history. You can also click for just a quick glance and then get back to your current conversation. That way it’s also easy to check customer satisfaction and write down notes. One more thing, you get to use a message library which allows you to easily and quickly send recurring messages.

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Things you should know about your new multichannel chat service:

The library is divided into categories and subcategories, and your own messages are stored. Browse the “closed” conversations section to look up and consult archived conversations.

With the statistics tab you can access real-time or specific date range data through the calendar feature. You can use filters to consult one specific channel only useful metrics available, like the share of each channel, the total number of discussions you and your team have processed, the average waiting time, the assignment among agents of the conversations, according to date and channel, and more!

Now let’s have a look at your ChayAll platform settings. First things first, this is where you manage your ChayAll account, notification settings, and your avatar. Then use this section to manage agents. It’s easy to create, edit or delete a user.

The pre-recorded message tab allows you to edit the sentences you need to use when it’s relevant, and to save them to the message library. Then to conversations settings, including “auto-close” features and “late” status management.

Customer satisfaction is a powerful feature. Prompt automatic surveying at the end of each conversation thanks to a simple link you can then use on Google Customer reviews, Tripadvisor, Yelp and more. You can edit the accompanying message so that your customers get tailored invites! Offer your customers seamless reviewing of your business! With our multichannel chat service you will have more time to focus on more important tasks, and automate customer service.

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