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Customer Relationship: Why Install WhatsApp Business API?

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Increase customer satisfaction, increase conversion rates, avoid customer frustration and improve customer relationships. Installing the WhatsApp Business API means capitalizing on an instant messaging application with over two billion users. What is the WhatsApp Business API? How does it benefit your customer service? How do you set it up? It's all clear here.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

Flashback. February 2014. Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California. Blue Social Network loudly announces the acquisition of WhatsApp for an astonishing $16 billion. At that time the instant messaging application had only 450 million active users per month. 70% of these users, however, were active daily.

The application had already surpassed SMS, but there was another indicator that appealed most to Facebook. Which until then, had struggled to establish itself in the corporate world. The fact is that more and more professionals were abandoning emails and phone calls to download WhatsApp. Whether for internal communication or exchanges with customers, this is what gave birth to the idea of a WhatsApp Business API.

install WhatsApp Business on your website

What is the guiding principle of the WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API is designed for organizations that want to enrich their customer relationships with instant messaging. It differs from the ordinary application in that it offers several specific features for business. For example, the ability to create a profile with your brand name and image, and to set up welcome, hold, and leave-behind messages.

ChayAll allows the integration of WhatsApp on its website. Customers will then be able to contact the company with a single click via this instant messaging system.

Enterprise: Why install the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp conversations are ingrained in your customers' habits

All recent studies are similar when it comes to measuring the impact of instant messaging on the quality of customer service. According to a survey by Dimensions Data, nine out of ten customers prefer to use instant messaging to communicate with businesses. The Nielsen Group study says the same: 56% of all customers now use instant messaging rather than phone calls. Installing the WhatsApp Business API is therefore a logical and common-sense response to your customers' habits. Your customers will be in a familiar and secure environment.

WhatsApp Business API for a personalized customer experience

By installing WhatsApp Business API, large organizations - from small and medium businesses to large corporations - have the ability to customize their customer relationships. When a customer contacts you, they will see your company name and logo in the contact bar, even if they haven't saved your number on their phones. With a single click, your customer will have access to all your company's identifying information: contact information, website, address, business hours...

Example of a custom Whatsapp Business API account.

  • Useful features provided by WhatsApp Business API installation
  • WhatsApp Business API provides a wide range of communication possibilities, not just simple messages.
  • Easily send visuals, PDFs or links to your customers.

When a customer wants to know more about a product, it is possible to send him photos of the product directly, via the application. This is a real-time saver. When you contact a customer by phone, it is also necessary to ask for an email address to send a link or an explanatory PDF. This difficulty is overcome by installing the Whatsapp Business API, which allows you to send all these documents in one click.

install WhatsApp Business on your website

Barberry store uses Whatsapp Business Api with ChayAll

It is also possible to send notifications to your customers. The WhatsApp Business API allows this only for any important information. For example, an airline may notify a passenger of a flight delay by sending a WhatsApp Business API notification. Prior authorization, however, is required from the user. This control by the application allows the customer to better understand the information provided by the company.

Installing Whatsapp Business API will also allow you to automate some of your customer relationship messages. The contact person will first receive a welcome message such as: "Welcome, how can we help you?” Then, you will have to personalize your “on hold” message which will indicate to the customer that you will process his or her request as soon as possible. Finally, you will be able to write a “business closed” message that will be sent when a customer tries to reach you outside of your usual business hours.

Install WhatsApp Business API to optimize customer relationship costs

You will be able to reduce the costs of customer relationship management while simultaneously improving its performance :

  • Respond to requests from different customers simultaneously and in the shortest possible time!
  • Using the WhatsApp Business API does not require any special infrastructure.
  • You already know how WhatsApp works, so no training is required.

You will avoid the frustration of time-consuming telephone customer service, such as long waiting times, multiple numbers before reaching the right person, congested lines, network problems, and more.

WhatsApp Business API - a reliable and secure solution

WhatsApp is a trusted means of communication. The brand has been able to cultivate a positive image, providing a clean service that is free of unwanted advertising. It is also extremely user-friendly.

Your customers will appreciate your effort to interact with them through their favorite instant messaging application. Moreover, WhatsApp Business API encrypts all conversations from start to end, and special attention is paid to the security of both the user and the business (two-factor authentication for example).

conversation in WhatsApp business

How to install the WhatsApp Business API ?

Choose your WhatsApp Business API partner

You will first need to choose a WhatsApp Business API partner such as ChayAll.co.uk. All new WhatsApp Business API accounts must first be approved by the platform through an authorized partner. For this, you will have to provide details concerning your business, such as the company name, website, industry, mailing address, Facebook Business Manager ID, etc. The approval process for the WhatsApp Business API account takes a few days.

Install the WhatsApp Business API for free

Installing the WhatsApp Business API allows you to receive messages sent by your customers directly to the ChayAll platform, which will also include all your instant messaging services. This is a huge advantage since providing a phone number is unnecessary.

Integrate WhatsApp Business API into your customer relationship When you install WhatsApp Business API, you can also choose to integrate other instant messaging services with a few clicks. Whether your CMS is WordPress or any other CMS, simply download ChayAll. The platform will bring all your instant messages together in one clean interface. Integrate Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, and even Instagram… More questions?

Contact our sales representative: Xavier, at +33671543377 (use WhatsApp!).

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