The travel startup Vialala connects travellers and expatriates. The integration of WhatsApp facilitates their exchanges. 

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Xavier Oury
Founder of Vialala
Be able to integrate various channels on website, emails, search engines and manage discussions. 
Answer all their questions before, during and after their trip. 
Provide the right answers instantly to all your questions during the travel purchase phase.

Interview of Xavier Oury, founder of Vialala

Xavier Oury
Founder of Vialala

Why did you choose ChayAll? Are you satisfied with what it offers? 

We found ChayAll on the Internet and they are the only ones who offer a real instant messaging management solution in SAAS mode. The ChayAll solution is complete, efficient, ergonomic …and really cheap! Being able to integrate several channels on our website, emails and search engines, manage discussions, have an eye on your performances and create a chatbot through a single platform... we couldn’t say no! We are delighted with the results already achieved through WhatsApp! We will now enable Apple Message, Messenger and Google Business Messages, so that we can service our customers and prospective customers and seal our sales through the instant messaging channel they prefer to use.

Why do you offer WhatsApp on your website? 

We are always looking for ways to provide a better experience for our customers and we want to be close to them to advise them best, to offer them package tours and answer any question before, during, or after their trip. Our customers use WhatsApp every day with their loved ones: their family and friends. So there is nothing better than WhatsApp to create a strong, personalized and long-lasting bond.

Manage conversations, keep an eye on your performance and create a chatbot all on one platform...

The ability to send images is a powerful asset, especially in the tourism industry.

Have you noticed any changes in the behavior of your web visitors since integrating WhatsApp into your web site?

Clearly so! Our visitors often click on our WhatsApp button in relation to our webchat. I think they recognize the WhatsApp logo and easily click on it to get the information they need, to find answers to their questions, and to be reassured. At the end of the day, we have increased our contact rate and subsequent sales!

What is gained through WhatsApp instant messaging?

WhatsApp allows us to quickly and efficiently answer the questions of visitors to our web site and to maintain relationships over time. It allows us to provide the right answers to all our customers’ questions during the travel purchase phase. What is more, our customers are reassured to know they have a readily available customer service channel if they have any questions that need to be addressed during their trip. WhatsApp builds trust between Vialala and its customers.

Which WhatsApp feature appealed to you the most?

The ability to send images is a powerful asset, especially in the tourism industry. Pictures of the tours we offer help our customers to truly consider and plan their next vacation destination. And since the photos sent remain on WhatsApp, they can show them to their friends and family or view them again after their trip... It’s definitely a feature that makes selling easier!

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