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Everything you've always wanted to know about Whats App Business for your business

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Welcome to ChayAll’s FAQ concerning WhatsApp! Discover tips, tricks and advice on how to make the most of instant messaging, improve customer experience and win sales!

Installation, Getting Started, Usage and Benefits, in this FAQ you will find answers to all the questions you have about WhatsApp Business API concerning your business, commerce or startup. Our team will review all your questions!

Why is WhatsApp Business API so successful?

It offers a convenient communication channel for customers, an excellent open rate of sent messages and allows information-rich communication... Discover all the benefits of instant messaging.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business for my business?

WhatsApp Business provides a richer customer experience and greater customer commitment for all sorts of businesses. Its options offer many possibilities for businesses. Discover them all here!

Why use WhatsApp Business in my customer relationship?

WhatsApp Business has higher penetration on smartphones, and is useful for sending notifications or engaging in two-way conversations. These are just a few good reasons for using WhatsApp Business and immediately improving your customers’ experience.

How can WhatsApp Business keep me connected with my customers?

ChayAll offers tips and tricks on how to integrate a WhatsApp contact icon on your web site in 3 minutes and on how to associate WhatsApp with your other instant messaging channels.

How can I integrate a WhatsApp Business API into my website, application, or email campaign.

WhatsApp Business API can be associated to Facebook. You can also integrate WhatsApp Business API into your Instagram page or offer WhatsApp Business API after a cancelled phone appointment directly through a a text message... ChayAll gives you all the best tips to get the most out of your instant messaging channels.

How does the WhatsApp Business API work?

ChayAll will explain the 2 types of messages that can be set up through WhatsApp Business API and the features and advantages of each: Messaging sessions and Template Messaging or notifications.

What are the differences between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API?

If you are a small business or a retail store with only about 10 contacts per day, your needs are not the same as a bigger business or a large corporation. ChayAll will explain to you the advantages of both solutions.

How can WhatsApp Business API work for tourism?

WhatsApp Inform allows customers to be informed of flight delays, order room service, contact the front desk, and more. The benefits of an automated messaging system are numerous in the hospitality, tourism, and airline industries. Discover them all with us!

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business API for Retail business?

Recommend products and make sales, increase your customer loyalty, inform your customers in real time about where their order is at, etc. WhatsApp Business offers benefits for Retail that ChayAll reviews for you.

With ChayAll, associate WhatsApp Business API with your other instant messaging channels and never miss a sale! Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages, Live Chat and Instagram In addition to providing you with a comprehensive FAQ on the WhatsApp Business API, our multichannel platform offers you the ability to bring together WhatsApp Business API with other instant messaging channels on a single platform.

Author: Melissa Carles.

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