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WhatsApp Business: different prices for different options.

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The query "WhatsApp Business prices" is entered tons of times a month on search engines. This trend reflects a strong interest from companies. ChayAll gives you an update on WhatsApp business solution prices.

Looking for a new business communication solution? ChayAll reviews the pros and cons of each of the two business solutions developed by WhatsApp, the application with two billion worldwide users. But how much should you spend on WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API? Let's take a look at these two products with a variety of services that you'll probably find very useful!

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WhatsApp Business application: how much does it cost?

WhatsApp Business application: what is it exactly?

The WhatsApp Business app (or WhatsApp Business App) is the basic business communication solution offered by WhatsApp, and therefore Facebook, owner of the tool. This online business instant messenger allows you to create a business profile, with all the practical information. You will be able to fill your profile with a short description, your website, your hours, your email address, phone number, and location. Your customers will be able to view your business profile from anywhere in the world, or even visit your website to learn more about your company.

With its practical but limited functionalities, the communication application is intended for a specific target: 

  • freelancers,
  • small business owners,
  • local VSEs,
  • small SMEs,
  • and all companies that trade with less than 200 customers per month, approximately.

The WhatsApp Business application is therefore simply an adaptation of WhatsApp Messenger to small structures.

What are the pros and cons?

WhatsApp Business application includes all the features that made WhatsApp Messenger a success:

  • Rich content, with text, but also photos, videos, location sharing, links, PDF documents, voice messages, etc.
  • A neat interface, with no ads and no spam.
  • Exchanges are free in any format, including WhatsApp audio and video calls.
  • Complete data protection with end-to-end encryption.

Along with everything the original messaging application offers, WhatsApp Business allows you to go further. You will be able to optimize your customer relationship and marketing strategy with the following additional functionalities: 

  • A "branded" company profile, with all practical information;
  • A better organization of the exchanges, with the possibility to group the messages by tags (prospects, orders in delivery, complaints…);
  • WhatsApp Business offers some basic statistics, such as the number of messages sent and read;
  • WhatsApp For Business also allows you to set up quick replies (or message templates) to optimize customer support and save time;
  • Set up a welcome message to introduce your company;
  • Set up an out-of-office message, sent automatically when you are not available to answer your customers' requests.

There is nothing like this messaging system to provide assistance to users who express the need. On the downside, the limitations regarding the mailing lists (maximum 256 contacts) and the impossibility of having several administrators in different places are to be deplored. Even the web version of WhatsApp Business requires a cell phone nearby to scan the QR code. Also, GDPR and data security compliance are not always guaranteed, and the WhatsApp button can only be integrated into a web page. Finally, automation is very basic and shows its limits very quickly.

WhatsApp Business: how much does it cost to make the most of it? 

The WhatsApp Business app is free to download from Google Play (for Android users) and from the App Store (for iOS). Curiously, the query "WhatsApp Business price" is entered dozens of times a month on Google. It must be said that rumors have always been spread about the supposedly temporary free WhatsApp. Facebook has always refuted these rumors.

How much for the WhatsApp API?

What exactly is WhatsApp Business API?

Now let's get down to the serious stuff. The WhatsApp Business API is the most advanced business solution for instant messaging. It is aimed at companies that want to empower themselves and support their users. If you check at least one of the following boxes, WhatsApp Business API is the tool you should consider:

  • Your company's ambition is to develop and increase its notoriety on the internet;
  • Your company launches advertising campaigns on social networksWhatsApp can be an interesting drop-off point for generated leads;
  • Your company relies on mailing lists to increase your business volume;
  • Companies for which customer relations are essential to their business;
  • A company that wants to activate the lever of automation, especially with a chatbot that takes over after hours.

What are the pros and cons of the WhatsApp Business API?

As you can see, the WhatsApp Business API is the peak of customer service, communication and marketing in general. Here are some interesting advantages to consider when making your choice: 

  • First of all, no limitation regarding the mailing list;
  • Secondly, the ability to integrate the WhatsApp button with multiple media: website, Instagram Story, SMS, email, etc. ;
  • Seamless integration with a CRM or other centralization solution like ChayAll ;
  • Does not require a smartphone to work. Process messages received from any online channel from a single platform;
  • Possibility to have multiple administrators;
  • It is also possible to send notifications to contacts with whom a discussion has already taken place to notify them of important information. Such as: package delivery, exceptional closure etc…
  • Respect of the GDPR and data security.

Finally, on the disadvantages side, we could point out the impossibility of advertising like on Facebook Messenger… But this is also what makes WhatsApp successful all over the world.

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How much does it cost to make the most of it?

Unlike the app, the installation of the API must be done through an authorized WhatsApp partner like ChayAll. This is how WhatsApp guarantees consent with the terms of use and data in accordance with the GDPR. ChayAll takes care of the entire WhatsApp Business API implementation.

We make sure your API is always up to date, and that it integrates seamlessly with your CRM. Even better, ChayAll allows you to integrate other instant messengers and messaging tools within your customer service. So you can communicate with your customers via different applications: 

  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Google’s Business Messages
  • Live Chat

Therefore, ChayAll offers you a plugin that integrates all these messaging systems and centralizes the messages of your contacts in a single interface. Your advisors will be able to process requests on the same platform without any transfer, regardless of the source. Our tool is compliant with the GDPR but also with the European Payment Directive, PSD2. Finally, you don't need to put your business phone number! ChayAll provides you with one.

ChayAll fee grids

What about the price? We offer a flexible pricing structure:

  • A free offer, with a package of 300 messages, a chatbot, a personalized widget, performance tracking, etc.
  • An "Essential" package, with 1,000 messages per month, personalized customer support for 14 days and all the advantages of the free offer ($19 per month)
  • A "Pro" package, with 3,000 messages per month, personalized support for 30 days and all the advantages of the "Essential" package ($49 per month)
  • A "Business" offer, with unlimited messages, connections to CRMs and APIs, personalized performance monitoring, support by a project manager and all the advantages of the "Pro" offer.

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