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WhatsApp Business API: Reasons for Success

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Why is the WhatsApp Business API instant messaging so popular with businesses success? The ChayAll All-In-One platform reveals all!

2 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp, making it the most widely used instant messaging application. Though originally created for private use, the success of WhatsApp has prompted its creators to rethink their strategy and to develop something able to satisfy the needs of the business. Following their launch in 2018, WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API have since thrived and grown. Read here what has made WhatsApp Business API so successful over the past 2 years.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

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But do not confuseWhatsApp Business API with these two apps: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business App. Because of the similarities in name, at first glance, you might think they were almost identical twins. In fact, they differ greatly in terms of both functionality and cost.

The traditional version of WhatsApp is free and designed for strictly private use. It allows you to create newsgroups in order to share all types of content with friends and family. We won't spend a lot of time on this, but rather on the two professional tools offered by WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Business App is a professional version designed for small businesses. Just like the private app, it is available for free and offers, in addition to instant messaging, the creation of a business profile with essential information. This application was developed for one-on-one conversations and requires you to manually respond to customers from your mobile device. This application is therefore not suitable for use in a professional customer service environment with a full support team.

  • The WhatsApp Business API was designed to meet the needs of large enterprises with a scalable and flexible way to use WhatsApp Business. It allows businesses to create a profile and provide a variety of messaging channels in accordance with data protection requirements. This API allows organizations to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages sent by their customers on a large scale.

Unlike other WhatsApp tools, the Business API version does not come with a working interface. Instead, it integrates with existing platforms, such as the ChayAll email management interface.

Why is WhatsApp Business compelling?

Whether it's the WhatsApp Business App or the API, there are many good reasons for organizations to adopt WhatsApp Business. Some of the reasons for the success of these tools include the following 4 points :

An already popular tool

WhatsApp is already the most used instant messaging application in the world and the second most popular in France after Facebook Messenger. Using this communication channel, therefore, represents for any company an ideal opportunity for reaching out to their customers through a channel they are already familiar with.

A convenient communication channel for customers

Most users check their mailboxes several times a day or when they receive a notification. This makes WhatsApp very convenient to ensure responsiveness and a sustained conversation. This is the opposite of an e-mail conversation, which can take days or weeks to unfold.

Excellent opening rate of sent messages

As Shown by some studies, the average opening rate for mobile messages is 98% compared to just under 20% for email. Whether it is about promoting a product or a piece of news, it is an ideal channel to keep in touch with customers.

Information-rich communication

WhatsApp Business Messaging provides the ability to respond quickly, but more importantly, to use a wide range of tools making conversations more informative. Not just emojis, which make conversations look nicer, but the ability to send files, videos, photos, and even integrate order or booking links depending on the situation. It's a tool that increases both customer satisfaction and customer conversion rates.

ChayAll simplifying and modernizing with whatsapp

An API clustered with other instant messengers thanks to ChayAll

For companies using different instant messaging tools, it is more comfortable and less time-consuming to manage all messages from a single interface. You can control the WhatsApp Business API -just like WhatsApp Business App- by using the ChayAll interface. The ChayAll interface provides an immediate overview of all the messages received through the different chat tools and allows you to respond in a few clicks, without having to switch from one tool to another. With the development of the private WhatsApp application, companies cannot standstill. WhatsApp Business API is the answer for any business looking for a way of simplifying and modernizing their communication by enabling customers to reach out to the whole team.

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