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WhatsApp Chat for PrestaShop: Benefits and Uses

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Integrating a WhatsApp Chat module on PrestaShop gives your online store every chance of success. Improved conversion rate, product valuation, better customer service responsiveness, and more!

PrestaShop, launched in 2007, is present in more than 163 countries and is translated into 63 languages. More than 165,000 online stores have chosen this open source solution. PrestaShop allows the creation of an efficient online store without resorting to a developer.

Do you manage an online store? Do you want to enhance your products, boost your customer service and maximize your sales? We recommend a WhatsApp Chat PrestaShop module.

Why integrate a WhatsApp Chat module on PrestaShop?

A WhatsApp Chat module to encourage the purchase of your products

WhatsApp business

Before discussing the potential of Live Chat modules (WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage) for your customer service, let's talk about the basics: the commercial performance of your online store. Contrary to what one might think, the WhatsApp Chat module is not just a means of exchanging messages. It helps you add value to your products and encourages purchases.

Numerous studies have analyzed the impact of customer service by messaging on the purchase of products. Here is a little preview:

  • 53% of customers say they are more willing to shop for products from businesses that can be reached via Live Chat.
  • A website that integrates a Live Chat module can convert up to four times as many customers as a web page without a Live Chat widget or plugin.
  • 63% of customers say they are more inclined to return to a web page or an online store if they have the possibility of interacting with an advisor by message.

Your WhatsApp Messenger Chat plugin will also allow you to promote your products through numerous features. Your Live WhatsApp widget on PrestaShop will encourage purchases on your online store. This investment can be paid quickly and, in result you will have a WhatsApp Chat plugin in your online store. You won't need a developer, long-term customer support, or a how-to video to install and use it.

A PrestaShop WhatsApp Chat module to promote your products

WhatsApp Prestashop

The best Live Chat addons and modules offer several features to promote the products of your online store. The WhatsApp chat plugin offers an option to create a catalog of products. You can also offer your customers multiple responses (one button per response) to encourage them to make a purchase. Do you sell cosmetics? Send multiple-choice questions to your customers (a problem encountered, skin type, budget) and then offer them the most suitable products for them.

Your WhatsApp Business chat widget will also allow you to create a business profile, build mailing lists, and send automatic messages. Because it allows you to send multimedia messages, your WhatsApp Chat will allow you to send videos of your products, advertising photos, and more! You will also be able to manage the delivery of your products, as your customers will be able to share their location with your deliverers. Finally, your WhatsApp Business Chat plugin (API version) allows you to send notifications that will be displayed directly on your customers' mobile phones.

How to choose the right plugin for your online store?

Install a PrestaShop WhatsApp Chat plugin

WhatsApp PrestaShop

The idea is to facilitate and streamline exchanges with your customers, not to complicate your life. For instance, if you opt for a Live Chat plugin specially designed for PrestaShop. You need to be able to integrate it into your online store without hiring a developer. Also, choose an easy-to-use WhatsApp Business plugin with a clear and reliable notification system.

Our WhatsApp Chat plugin has been specially developed for PrestaShop online stores. It also allows you to take advantage of the many advantages of WhatsApp Business API:

  • No limitation of contacts in your WhatsApp mailing lists.
  • Compliance with the GDPR.
  • Great possibilities for automation.
  • WhatsApp is accessible on mobile phones (ChayAll can offer you a virtual phone number ), tablets, and computers.
  • Your account can be used by several agents simultaneously.

Instant messaging options:

WhatsApp Prestachop

The instant messaging market is not dominated by one particular app. Yes, WhatsApp is leading the way with 2 billion users worldwide. But Messenger stands out as the most used messaging app in many countries. Users with an iPhone mostly use iMessage. Opting for several different addons or modules, each offering instant messaging, will impact the loading speed of your PrestaShop online store.

This is why we has developed an all-in-one module offering several instant messengers:

  • WhatsApp Business API.
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Apple Business Chat.
  • Google's Business Messages.
  • A Live Chat tool.

An easy to use PrestaShop WhatsApp Chat plugin

Prestashop chat

The fluidity of your customer service depends on it. To help you on this point, we offer you a unique back-office interface. In other words, you will be able to consult all the messages received and, answer them in one place, without juggling between interfaces.

A PrestaShop plugin with marketing features

The PrestaShop module signed by ChayAll offers you some interesting marketing features to control your e-reputation:

  • Monitor the comments left on your Facebook and Instagram posts.
  • Encourage your customers to leave you a review on the platform of your choice. ChayAll allows you to send an automatic invitation, with a clickable link, at the end of each customer exchange.
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