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WhatsApp launches its new feature: ephemeral messages

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After several months of testing, WhatsApp has launched its new feature. These are the ephemeral or "single view" messages oftenly used by Snapchat. And they are finally available on the latest beta of WhatsApp.

In the footsteps of Snapchat ...

Even with the WhatsApp controversy that has caused a stir, the app with two billion users continues to develop new features. Indeed, it is for example possible for users to modify their voicemail messages before sending them and many others.

On Wednesday, June 30, 2021, the WhatsApp teams announced the arrival of a highly anticipated feature in the latest beta version of the application. These are indeed ephemeral or "single view" messages used by the Snapchat application. The goal is to send images, videos that will only be viewed once by your recipient, and then the content will be deleted.

How does it work ?

A new icon has been developed to indicate ephemeral messages to users. It is now present in the send bar, you just need to press it to activate the “Single viewing” mode. A pop-up window will then appear to explain the principle if this is the first time you are using the feature. Your recipient will also be notified that the photo or video will disappear after opening.

The feature is currently available on beta version of the WhatsApp application. It is not necessary for your interlocutor to be on the same version to receive your ephemeral messages. If you want to discover instant messaging and learn more about WhatsApp do not hesitate to consult our ChayAll solution.

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