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Why should you use ChayAll for your digital agency?

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From 2015 to 2019, Internet sales were hovering around 12% of the total market. Today, it has passed 20%. There are numerous reasons why this happened. Now some more social media apps let you sell directly on their platform. But the main reason is the Covid-19 pandemic. And all indications are that these new online routines will remain throughout time. That’s why more people are looking to invest more resources on social media and on digital agencies to promote their products and services. ”If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates. And that shows on the way business and clients work nowadays: 

  • The average user sends about 67 messages per day, and spends about 23 hours per week writing them
  • 80% of entrepreneurs use messaging for business purposes
  • 56% of people prefer to write messages than to contact the company by phone
  • 2 billion messages are sent monthly through Messenger between companies and individuals

If you have a digital agency or work for one, you should look for a way to stand out from the crowd! As of 2021, there are 5,585 Digital Advertising Agencies businesses in the US. An increase of 13.1% from 2020. And everything indicates that this number is growing by the hour. So help your digital agency stick out with ChayAll!

Benefits of ChayAll for your Digital Agency: 

Today, 81% of customers conduct online research before making a purchase decision, which means it’s important to develop a robust online presence that engages customers online throughout their customer journey. That’s why you should integrate a tool that helps you to accompany clients in their journey. Here are the benefits you’ll get from improving your instant messaging apps strategy and using ChayAll.com: 

Differential Value

Most digital agencies offer social media management and brand awareness services, but most of them are cut short when it comes to customer services. You can have the opportunity to change this! Let them know you are going to take care of every message and every comment with ChayAll! By joining all messaging apps in one place, you’ll save time and be more attentive to your customers' clients.  

And if they want to take care of their own clients, you can create sub-accounts! 

Sub Accounts

Grant access to the Dashboard, statistics, chat console and messaging to the clients that want to take care of customer service themselves. The only thing you have to do is create a sub-account and, voila! You will facilitate your client's job in just a short amount of time.

Better communication with clients

By using ChayAll, you can have more personalized communication with your clients. With our platform, you can be just seconds away from answering every message you get. 


Instant messaging wouldn’t be a very effective form of marketing if customers were denied instant responses. So, who can be there, 24/7?  Chatbot! Hence, business messaging is taking off because of the incredible advancements in chatbot technology and the growing number of affordable SAAS bot-building tools. 

If the customer contacts you and you are not available to respond to the notification, the chatbot automatically answers and the conversation is simulated. The customer receives a quick initial response and starts the conversation.

Build your chatbot tree with ChayAll and, don’t let your customers hanging for a response!

Benefits for your clients:

Offer your customer not only a strategy for social media marketing but also for instant messaging! Let them know the perks of using messaging apps to connect with their clients: 

One on one communication

While social channels are good for sharing widely and making things go viral, messaging apps are good for one-to-one communication - like offering personal experiences, handling customer queries, and - most importantly - for selling. Interaction via messaging apps is more personal as messages are unique and tailored to a specific audience. Brands are now able to send direct messages to fans and what is even better is that these messages are handled similarly to those sent by friends. The best part is that you can have this one-on-one communication from many apps to one platform using ChayAll! 

Segmented reach

By using instant messaging apps, you can share content with only one person or a small group of people. Most of these apps allow the formation of different segments (groups) within the app. They are probably the most valuable customers you really need during a marketing campaign.

High conversion rates 

Due to the high level of trust, shorter response rate, and personalized human communication, clients' engagement rate is relatively higher.  Messages sent via messaging apps are usually opened and read within a few minutes, so message delivery is much more effective. With the use of private messaging apps, marketers can reach almost 100 percent of their followers listed on their IM list.

Major players like Facebook and Google have entered the IM marketplace; it's high time for agencies and brands to jump in and reap the rewards that the all-powerful instant messaging apps have to offer.

Start using ChayAll for your digital agency

Instant messaging applications make it increasingly easier for businesses to set up their presence on these apps and interact with consumers in an official capacity. Lots of digital agencies are using it today for their business. So what are you waiting for to use it in yours?

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