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Our Top 5 WordPress chat extensions!

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The impact of live chat on your customer relationship is huge. Adding a WordPress chat extension can be a real boost to your business performance. That's why we're featuring our top 5 best WordPress chat plugins.

From a customer's viewpoint, it could be challenging to consent to fill out a contact form in the 5G era. Instant messaging and LiveChat have gone from a luxury to a prerequisite for customer service. Given the choice between an instant chat and a deferred message by email or form, the decision is quickly made for a web page or site. Interested in integrating a WordPress live chat into your site? Choose from the top five plugins listed below to find the WordPress chat extension that best meets your needs.

1. ChayAll

This is the French startup at the moment when it comes to B2C conversational solutions, so if the WordPress chat extension by ChayAll is in the lead, it's because it combines all the right points. We particularly like how it integrates the most used instant messengers with Live Chat on a single platform. Its sleek interface will quickly make it the pillar of your customer relations, regardless of your site's focus. RGPD and DSP 2 compliant, ChayAll's WordPress chat extension naturally takes the lead in our top 5.

Wordpress chat extensions

What we like about ChayAll's WordPress chat extension

  • Integrates the most used instant messengers: WhatsApp Business API (2 billion users), Facebook Messenger (1.3 billion users), Live Chat, Apple Business Chat and Google's Business Messages;
  • Includes Whatsapp Business API allowing great automation and contact button integration (stories, SMS, Mail, etc.) ;
  • RGPD and PSD 2 (European Payment Services Directive) compliant;
  • Free for basic functions. Premium offer available for more extensive business needs.
  • Can create a chatbot to have permanent customer service (24/7) optimizing costs;
  • Branded profile (profile picture, logo and chat colors);
  • Notifications received by the customers even after leaving the site;
  • Very responsive customer support.

What we like less about ChayAll's WordPress chat extension

  • Absence of Telegram instant messenger, which has 400 million users;
  • Specific settings for each instant messenger;
  • Absence of a search bar to find conversations.

2. LiveChat

As its name suggests, the company Live Chat offers communication solutions for businesses. Best known for its eponymous WordPress chat extension, this Polish company founded in 2002 has managed to make a name for itself. The WordPress Live Chat is quite powerful and intuitive. Besides ChayAll, it's one of the only WordPress chat extensions that doesn't slow down page loading speeds for visitors.

What we like about Live Chat WordPress online chat

  • Unlimited 14-day trial version of LiveChat to get an idea. After that, you have to upgrade to the premium offer;
  • Color codes allow you to quickly see how long each customer has been waiting. You can then prioritize responses to avoid frustrating visitors with long waits;
  • Simple setup and intuitive LiveChat dashboard;
  • Centralization of all features, even if this WordPress chat extension is installed on several different sites.

What we like less about the Live Chat WordPress extension

  • Doesn't integrate the most used instant messengers;
  • To fully appreciate its benefits, you'll need to run this WordPress chat extension on a powerful computer (RAM intensive);
  • Unreliable spellcheck, especially in French. You'll have to be extra careful before sending a message;
  • Higher price than the market average for chats;
  • LiveChat mobile version lacks features for visitors.
Wordpress chat extensions

3. Tidio Live Chat

Let's stay in Poland with this promising startup that offers customer service automation solutions through chat. Best known for its chatbots designed for SMEs, Tidio's WordPress chat extension is a kind of Swiss Army knife of conversational commerce. It includes a Live Chat, but also Facebook Messenger plus an emailing tool. Below is an overview of this WordPress chat plugin's strengths and shortcomings.

What we like about Tidio's WordPress Livechat

  • Facebook Messenger integration, an instant messenger with 1.3 billion users;
  • Ability to send email to users who leave your site (beware of RGPD compliance) ;
  • Nice LiveChat automation features, provided you have technical know-how;
  • Integration with multiple CRMs like Zendesk and Salesforce, depending on your company's preferences.

What we like less about Tidio's WordPress chat extension

  • No WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging application in 133 countries;
  • Technical skills required to create a working chatbot
  • No notification if customers receive messages after leaving your site;
  • Site, customer service and resource materials in English. Not very useful depending on your level.
  • This WordPress chat extension slows down (slightly) the loading speed of the site, impacting SEO and the visitor experience.

4. Zendesk Chat

Veteran web marketers and customer service professionals know this WordPress chat extension by its former name, "Zopim". There was a time when Zendesk was a forerunner in this field. Since its creation in 2007, this American company has invested in the segment of CRMs, APIs, and technical support. Its WordPress chat extension isn't perfect, but it has some assets to bring to the conversation.

What we like about the Zendesk WordPress chat extension

  • Advanced settings for Live Chat window triggers;
  • Displays useful information on each chat window for context but also to personalize the speech according to customers' needs;
  • Pre-recorded messages (and shortcuts to send them).

What we like less in the Zendesk WordPress chat extension

  • This WordPress chat plugin isn't the most aesthetically pleasing;
  • Complicated conversation automation, requiring several tests to get something operational;
  • Light reporting on chats (and only accessible to company administrators);
  • Poor customer service. Lack of agents.

So what's the difference between a widget and an extension?

Widgets allow you to improve the user's navigation. For example, thanks to an application you can display web page menus without having to enter the page's code. On the other hand, extensions allow you to add features to your website (like LiveChat). Whether free or paid, a single function tool, or with a wide range of possibilities, there are extensions for every need.

the many ways

5. Pure Chat

The American startup Pure Chat closes our top 5 best WordPress chat extensions. Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, this LiveChat stands out thanks to the many ways to trigger the instant chat window for visitors. Note that Pure Chat was bought by Ruby in October 2020.

What we like about Pure Chat's WordPress chat extension

  • Many functional triggers for the chat window like scrolling or clicking on a link;
  • Free solution;
  • Ability to set up proactive messages;
  • Sleek and user-friendly interface.

What we like less about Pure Chat's WordPress chat plugin

  • Since it's a free WordPress chat extension, its performance suffers. For instance, it sometimes disconnects unexpectedly, for no apparent reason;
  • No instant messaging application is supported;
  • Recurring problem of displaying notifications on mobiles, especially on Android.

How do I install a WordPress chat plugin on a website or webpage?

There's nothing easier than integrating a chat plugin on your website or webpage! This step-by-step tutorial shows you how:

Why install a WordPress chat extension on your website or webpage?

Personalization, improved user experience, stronger customer service, potential customer growth... Integrating a WordPress chat extension has lots of benefits for your business, not to mention the positive impact on your online reputation. So, how do you do it? Be sure to check out our article dedicated to the benefits of WordPress chat extensions!

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