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WordPress Facebook plugin: 7 criteria to choose the right tool

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Conversational marketing has emerged as the big winner of the Covid-19 pandemic. So you'll need to connect your Facebook page and interactions with your own website. If you're a WordPress user, you can use this article as a practical guide on how to choose the right tool to set up a Facebook WordPress plugin efficiently.

Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app in the world. 90 million small businesses actively use Facebook one way or another. What about you? It's easy to install and to use, has great marketing features, RGPD compliance, and more! Here, you will learn the 7 essential criteria to take into account when choosing a Facebook WordPress plugin for your website.

WordPress Facebook plugin: How can I use it on my website?

What is the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook plugin?

Facebook Messenger
The Facebook Messenger widget is an ideal tool to complete the visibility on your Facebook page.

Having a Facebook plugin on your site and a Facebook page is complementary. Facebook pages have several objectives:

  • Communicate about your brand's news by sharing engaging content such as articles, blog posts, polls, and relevant content published by various media. In short, anything that might appeal to your target audience.
  • Increase your popularity on the web with likes and followers. The more likes you get, the more your page will be visible on the feeds, shared, and may capture the attention of new customers. Did you know that one of the most followed pages is Samsung? It has more than 159 million likes!
  • Interact with your customers and prospects easily. Facebook users can contact your company by pressing one of the buttons displayed on your profile. They will directly enter into a chat with you on Facebook Messenger!
  • By nurturing a genuine relationship with your customers and leads through your Facebook page, you'll convey the image of a company with close ties with its customers.

A Facebook Messenger widget on your WordPress site allows your visitors to directly start a conversation with your brand on Messenger, thanks to a button that will be available on your website. Displaying this button is very simple. Like all WordPress extensions, you just need to download the widget and integrate it into your site.

Do you really need a WordPress Facebook plugin?

If your answer to the following two questions is no, your business is going to benefit from integrating a WordPress Facebook plugin into its website:

  • Do you operate in a highly specialized B2B sector?
  • Does your company's website run on a CMS other than WordPress?

If your answer was yes, your business can benefit from a Facebook Messenger plugin! And, more importantly, you will benefit from Conversational Marketing via the biggest messaging apps.

What are the advantages of integrating a Facebook Messenger chat?

Wordpress plugin
  • Facebook Messenger is competing for first place among the most used messaging apps in the world. More than 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and users monthly on Facebook Messenger.
  • The app converts website visitors into actual customers. Based on a Facebook Business study, 53% of customers are more willing to buy from businesses that can be reached via chat.
  • With the right Facebook WordPress plugin, you will finally be able to create a chatbot. All you have to do is set it up and connect it to your website! The best Facebook WordPress plugins will help your customer service of redundant questions from visitors.
  • Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps shine with their multimedia features. You will be able to send an image of your product, CTA buttons, a link to blog content, news articles, page, or posts on social media. In other words, the exchanges with your website visitors will then be richer, unlike communication by phone.

Need more details about the features of the Facebook Messenger extension on WordPress? Click on the button below to speak with an expert!

How to choose among the different Messenger extensions on WordPress?

A WordPress Facebook plugin that doesn't weigh down your website

Facebook Messenger plugin
Make sure that your chat plugin does not slow down the loading speed of your website

Premium WordPress extensions, plugins, and widgets do not slow down the loading of websites. Your homepage should load smoothly. This is essential, as nearly a third (32.3%) of visitors leave a web page that takes more than 6 seconds to load. For instance, the usefulness of chat and conversational marketing is to attract traffic and "feed" it, not to drive it away. Your website must be able to display quickly, even for visitors with an average connection.

An easy to set up WordPress Facebook plugin

Choose a widget, an extension, or a WordPress Facebook plugin whose integration does not require any manipulation of your website's code. After that, premium plugins are both easy to set up.

An easy to set up extension:

The premium Messenger chat plugins offer an interface that centralizes all settings, options, and features:

  • Easy integration of the plugin, extension, or widget to the URL of your choice.
  • Ability to integrate the plugin, extension, or widget to all pages of the website with one click.
  • Basic automation features, with the configuration of a welcome or absence message.
  • Premium plugins allow you to configure triggers to display the chat window to your website visitors.
  • Ability to dress up the plugin, extension, or chat widget in your company's colors and theme.

A free version to test the features and options of the WordPress extension

Opt for a WordPress chat plugin or extension that provides you with an overview of its features, options, and settings in its free version. You can then decide whether or not to upgrade to the premium version.

A reliable and secure WordPress chat extension

Wordpress Facebook Messenger
Any failure to comply with the GDPR would result in severe penalties

You need to make sure your WordPress Facebook plugin is RGPD compliant. Your visitors' data needs to be protected. Make sure that the WordPress extension is secure, both to protect your website and to promote a good position on Google.

Your WordPress chat extension should also be reliable. The best plugins notify you of every message and will display the chat window whenever anything occurs. Choose a WordPress chat extension that doesn't have connection issues with Facebook servers, so you don't have to sync it every time.

A serious editor/provider that can be reached by chat

The last straw for a social network messaging plugin editor would be to be unreachable by chat. Troubleshooting, options, settings, features, upgrades, theme changes, etc, can be obstacles you can have along the way. With an available editor, you'll be able to exploit the full potential of your Facebook WordPress plugin.

A feature-rich WordPress Facebook plugin

Facebook Messenger app
Choose a Messenger plugin with marketing features

Rather than a simple chat extension, your Facebook plugin should offer practical features, especially from a marketing perspective. It should offer things like:

  • The possibility of integrating other chat solutions in addition to Facebook Messenger. It must-have apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, or Instagram DMs. Note: ideally, your chat plugin should offer you the pro version of these tools (API in particular).
  • Automation features, with the possibility to create a chatbot without programing.
  • The best WordPress chat plugins allow you to exploit the full potential of conversational solutions: image, CTA buttons, product carousel, multiple-choice questions, etc.
  • Marketing features to manage your e-reputation (Instagram feed and other social networks, customer reviews, etc.).

ChayAll the solution for great customer relationship

ChayAll widget
ChayAll offers you an all-in-one messaging plugin

Aware of the potential of conversational marketing for businesses, we have developed ChayAll, a WordPress plugin that brings together the best chat tools:

  • WhatsApp (API version).
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Apple Business Chat (pro version of iMessage);
  • Google's Business Messages.
  • Telegram app messaging.
  • Instagram's Direct.
  • A Live Chat tool.

In conclusion, you just have to check the messaging you are interested in and enter the URLs of your choice to integrate the chat into your web pages. Your users can manage all messages sent by visitors on a single interface. For instance, ChayAll also offers practical marketing features to track your reputation on the web:

  • A feed of all the Instagram comments to answer them without skimming your feed.
  • A link will be automatically sent to your customers to rate their experience.
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